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Leasing an auto with credit card


When you enlist an auto, a charge card is quite often required. Numerous buyers consider this to be a deterrent, which bodes well since you approve the auto rental organisation to gather a yet undetermined sum.

In our blog, we clarify which ensures the Mastercard and how we function at Cebu Tours car rental.

Charge cards and auto rental

The greater part of the auto rental organizations request you Mastercard data when leasing an auto. Notwithstanding the installment of rental expenses, the charge card ensure store, Own Risk and any harm and activity fines.

Numerous auto leaseholders encounter the utilization of a charge card offensive when leasing an auto. Thusly it is critical to have any understanding in the sum the auto rental organization holds on the charge card, before leasing the auto. This is something you can contact the applicable auto rental organization about.

Why a charge card and no check card or money?

The store can frequently not be met by a check card through the numerous authoritative errands that accompanied it. With a Visa installment a reservation can be made, without a cash sum is charged frame the card. With an ordinary charge card installment this isn't conceivable.

The way that the store can't be paid in real money needs to do with security. The store can be up to hundreds or even a huge number of euros. It's not spare to have this money at a branch or area.

Utilizing a charge card at Cebu car rental services

At Cebu Tours we work with comprehensive rates whereby our clients know precisely where they stand. You pay nó store and we charge an Own Risk of € 50 up to € 125 for every claim. The measure of the Own Risk relies upon your picked auto class.

On our site you can ask for an auto by us. Amid the reservation procedure we demonstrate the in with no reservations cost for the rental length and classification. Before utilizing the auto we take note of your charge card data and just áfter restoring the rental auto, the aggregate sum will be charged from your Visa.